Case studies

Project: A speech and hearing impaired girl’s journey towards independent living
Krishna Jasani

Krishna Jasani, stays with her parents and four siblings in the Dadva village of the Kunkavaav block of Amreli district (Gujarat). Her parents are daily wage workers at a diamond factory in Amreli district. Krishna had speech and hearing impairment. Despite being a special child, she managed to attend primary school in her village. However, her memories of school days were strenuous. She recalls that it was difficult for her to cope up with regular students and was harassed by her other classmates.
Eventually, she dropped out from school and started staying at home. Her family was worried about her future but no efforts were made to admit her in the school.
As part of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) program, varied community mobilization activities are carried out at gram panchayat level.

During the discussion in adolescent group in Dadva village, BBBP team were informed about Krishna and they immediately approached her parents. Krishna’s parents were informed about the different schemes under BBBP program. After continuous meetings with the family, they finally agreed to admit Krishna in a special school in Amreli district. In the school, Krishna will now systematically learn stitching and embroidery work. Krishna is also an active member of adolescent group of Dadva village and desires to participate in life skills education training to be conducted for adolescents of Amreli district under BBBP program.

Project: Independent living

Project: CEmONC
Basantiben Jajma Tokariya

Basantiben Jajma Tokariya, a 26-year-old resident of Lodhani village of Shondhva was gorged by a bull and suffered serious horn injury on her abdomen in the 8th month of pregnancy. The force of the attack pulled the baby apart, causing premature delivery, for which she was admitted in Alirajpur CHC immediately after the accident.

Being severely anemic and complicatedly injured, she was referred to CEmONC, Jabugam on May 16 for her delivery and treatment. The patient required 4 units of blood transfusion which was managed from Blood Storage Unit (BSU) at Community Health Centre.

Since this was one of the very challenging cases in the history of CEmONC that demanded timely completion of medical and clinical needs, the doctors at CEmONC, Jabugam needed to perform Laparotomy on the patient. Mother’s condition was stable and the baby was kept in NBSU for some days for recovery. The tactfulness of the team saved both the mother and the child in such a tribal area that lacks resources.

Project: CEmONC

Project: Sindhrot, Vadodara (Rural) block, Vadodara district, Gujarat.
Prem Dineshbhai Gohil

When Prem was first identified at the age of two years by Deepak Foundation’s field supervisor, he fell in “Red” zone as per the growth monitoring chart used in Anganwadi centers. Prem belongs to a middle income group, nuclear family and has an elder sister. His elder brother who died within a month after birth. Prem’s mother is anaemic and prematurely delivered Prem. Hence, Prem was only 2Kgs old at the time of birth.

The field supervisor visited his home and counselled his parents regarding improving his nutritional status by ensuring regular and adequate quantity of food intake and gradually stopping breast feeding. The family was mobilized for check-ups and treatment through Paediatrician at Deepak Medical Foundation free of cost. The paediatrician counselled the parents for adequate nutrition, regular check-ups and prescribed ready to use therapeutic food tonics and multi-vitamin supplements. Moreover, the supervisors ensure that Prem receives and consumes the supplementary nutrition through the AWC monthly home visits.

Regular counselling and nutritional supplementation have resulted in a positive shift in Prem’s nutritional status. He has now moved from ‘red’ zone (severely underweight) to ‘yellow’ zone (moderately underweight).

Project: Sindhrot, Vadodara (Rural) block

Project: ASHA training
Madhu Gameti

Madhu Gameti is an an empowered ASHA worker, a capable wife, and complete mother. Madhu was born in Aravalli of Gujarat state in a financially sound family. Being the youngest one in the family, she was a very pampered and protected childhood. She married against the will of her family to someone who hailed from a poor financial background because of which they broke all ties with her. Unfortunately, later Madhu and her husband were thrown out of the house by her in-laws.

Madhu stepped up as a supporting wife and took up labour work with her husband. She was also pregnant at the time. Because of their weak financial condition and lack of awareness about healthcare, she delivered a baby boy at home. Two years later, she delivered twins babies.

One day, her husband went to Ajmer for work and lost his two legs in an accident. She continued the labour work to fulfill the family needs. She ensured her children’s education and today her 3 children are studying in standard 10th and 12th.

In 2007, once she met a nurse at a primary health center who gave her the information for an ASHA’s work profile. She applied for the position and was appointed as an ASHA. She is working as an ASHA since the past 9 years. Today, she is taking care of her children, her disabled husband, and has managed to bring her family out of poverty by doing excellent work as an ASHA.

She is very grateful to Deepak Foundation where she received all her ASHA trainings that helped her to gain all the technical knowledge. She also learnt a lot of soft skills for personality development which will be useful throughout her life. She has committed her life to help the village people by providing proper healthcare. She counsels families for reducing home delivery rate and maternal/infant mortality rate and increasing the utilization of government schemes.

Project: ASHA training

Project: CEmONC
Podina Devi

Podina Devi, a 23 year old resident from Bedpur village was taken to CEmONC unit in Dumri on January 10, 2018. During the regular Antenatal Care (ANC) visit, ASHA worker observed reduced fetal movement in 37th week of gestation and hence accompanied Podina to the hospital. Podina was immediately admitted as she was having the history of C-section and was anaemic. Though the baby was in cephalic presentation there was a hand prolapse along

with gestational hypertension. After conducting C-section, a baby girl was born with meconium an amniotic fluid, adding to the risk for baby. As soon as baby was delivered her nose, mouth and pharynx was suctioned to prevent respiratory distress and save the life of baby. The centre successfully saved the lives of mother and baby and they were kept under observation for 48 hours. Thereafter, they were discharged with proper counselling on breast feeding and childcare.

Project: CEmONC

Project: Training on SHGs and cattle care practices

Malti is a resident of Panchmahal district and has two sons. One of her sons, along with his family, shifted to city to earn his livelihood. Malti lives with her younger son who is mentally challenged.
Malti is part of s SHG which had been non-functional for a long time. Her only source of livelihood is a buffalo she owns. She took decent care of her buffalo and used to earn Rs. 3,000 per month from her milk pouring to dairy cooperatives which varied from time to time.

Malti took the training of good cattle care practices provided by Deepak Foundation with support of ONGC. During the training, she learnt the benefits of clean surrounding for buffalo, importance of vaccination and artificial insemination, cattle feed, mineral mixture, and knowledge pertaining to minimum requirement of water for her buffalo. Having learnt she adopted the practices that were possible for her. She noticed an increase in the milk producing capacity of her cattle, these practice proved to be beneficial for Malti. She was also a part of the exposure visit to Amul dairy at Anand and Women Dairy Co-operative Society (WDCS) at Nandesari.
Malti won the first price for milk competition organised by Deepak foundation since her average milk pouring increased to 9 liters/day. This helped her earn around Rs. 5500 to Rs. 6000 per month almost twice her past earning.
Malti is thankful to Deepak Foundation; the cattle rearing techniques learnt through training helped her earn better from the cattle, her only means of livelihood and also supported her to live with dignity.

Project: Training on SHGs and cattle care practices

Project: Pune Balwadi
Mohammad Dahid

Mohammad Dahid is a 4-year-old child studying in Junior KG class, PMC Balwadi School. He belongs to socio economically poor background. Dahid has one younger sister and his mother is a housewife.
In September 2017, Deepak Foundation in Pune did health checkups of all Balwadi children through which the doctor suspected Dahid to have low heartbeat. He was then referred to nearest government hospital.

However, his parents took it to be a minor issue and were unwilling to get him examined further. After regular follow ups and sustained counseling by the field executive his parents took him to the Command hospital, where the field executive oriented the medical officer with the child’s case so that further hospital visits would be easier for the parents.
At the hospital, Dahid was diagnosed with a hole in his heart since birth. As the child grew older, the hole which was 3.5mm at birth, enlarged to 7mm. Since the child did not display any major symptoms, the parents had failed to suspect any health problem.
Although, worried about the wellbeing of their child, the parents were apprehensive about the surgery due to the high operating cost. The field executive informed the parents about the government health scheme ‘Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Arogya Yojana’ which could provide them with monetary aid. Constant follow up and guidance by our field executive ensured that, the child was admitted to the hospital. By availing the government scheme, the surgery and total treatment which would have costed Rs. 3,00,000 was conducted at a highly subsidized cost of Rs. 20,000.
The boy was admitted in hospital for 5 days and was discharged after successful surgery. Today, Dahid is healthy and living a normal happy life. Thus, Balwadis are a great platform for health intervention and Deepak Foundation saved Dahid from a potentially fatal health condition.

Project: Pune Balwadi

Project: Mobile Library
Yuvraj Bhagat

Yuvraj Bhagat, 10 years old boy, lives in Landhar village, 6 km away from Roha block. He lives in a joint family and his father is a tailor, while his mother earns daily wage by working as a farmer. Yuvraj was an introvert and did not participate in any activity. His grasping power and comprehension was also low. One of our team counsellors tried to learn more about his behaviour from his parents and school teachers. His low reading level was attributed to his disinterest in school and his short attention span.

In story telling sessions, the counsellor decided to pay special attention on Yuvraj. For his self-development, the counsellor focused on his pronunciation and writing skills. To tackle his lack of interest, the counsellor engaged him in learning activities with the help of audio-visual aids. Gradually, Yuvraj started participating in drama and drawing. To increase his participation in drama, the counsellor gave him a few dialogues. Yuvraj’s parents are happy to witness the positive change in his behaviour and the all over development of Yuvraj.

Project: Mobile Library

Project: Home Health Aide
Urvashi Panchal

20-year-old Urvashi Panchal hails from a poor socio-economic background. Her father works in a hardware shop and her mother is a housewife. Urvashi’s dream was to have a respectable job in a hospital or clinic setting. However, due to lack of confidence and knowledge of nursing she was unable to clear job interviews.
Urvashi learnt about the HHA course from an ASHA worker in her village. She was keen to join

the course and her parents supported this decision of hers. Having enrolled in the course, she learnt about basic patient care techniques and services such as measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, moving and lifting patient, nasal feeding etc. During the course, she was given practical exposure through visit to various hospitals and also an internship. HHA course aided in her overall personality development by helping her learn basics of English and making her digitally literate.
After successfully completing the course, she interned with Uday clinic in Vadodara and is now employed there with a monthly income of Rs. 8,000/-. Through this course, Urvashi has attained the job of her dreams and is not only capable of supporting her family financially but has also found a new sense of self.

Project: Home Health Aide

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